Currently I'm working on my own Manga Story called "Roboto Maniacs".

Somewhere in the future in Roboto City: Akito and his younger brother Chico (two orphans) simply want to take part at "Roboto Mania“ (Big Robot Competition) in Roboto City because they want to win a holiday in Honulilly Island and 120000 Roboto Dollars. But their Combat Robot „Striker“ is broken. They find a circuit board from ancient times on a scrapyard which are strictly forbidden as they are kind of "super boards". Captain Kisame – the bad guy – is searching them because he wants to gear up his army of robots and subjugate the complete town. The kids have friends like Uncle Fu (a Kybernetic physician, professor for artificial intelligence and martial artist) and Tessa, a valiant young girl which already takes part in a small resistance movement of the citizens.


Really had some fun creating this video in iMovie – and the best for a clumsy person like me: it was sooo easy to do.